If you’re an overthinker, here are a few things that can help:

1) Meditation — Take a few minutes every day to practice clearing the mind. Over time, it helps, but in the meantime …

2) Triggers — Figure out what triggers you to overthink: Is it a need to control things? Is it co-dependency & feeling like you’re supposed to take care of everyone? Is it a critical inner voice that starts telling you how you screwed up or how you’re not good enough?

3) Pay attention! — Try to catch yourself when you start ruminating, before you start going into that¬† downward spiral. Notice what triggers those thoughts (that’s where meditation helps).

4) Stop yourself from going there! — Find a distraction, call a supportive friend, take a bath, watch a movie – anything that stops the auto-pilot & redirects you to go down a better path.

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