About Me

About Me

Nancy Lynne Kanter  

About the Book


About the Jewelry

For the last several years, I’ve been dedicated to encouraging women to question society and believe in themselves. I've received hundreds of messages from my readers about how my work has helped empower and inspire them. I'm incredibly proud of the community we've built together.   In addition to running this site and the Beauty Is Inside social media pages, I am also an artist and jewelry designer. About a year ago, I started a line of wine-themed jewelry because this feminist is also a wine lover! Now I'm expanding my business to include a line of feminist jewelry and accessories. You can now proudly show off your inner feminist by wearing one of my handmade glass pendant necklaces. Each purchase from the Beauty Is Inside Shop helps me pay it forward through my activism and continue to help other women find the beauty and strength within. When you wear my jewelry, you're showing your support for feminism and women's rights, as well as your support for artists and women-owned small businesses. For more information about my work, please visit the Beauty Is Inside Facebook page or watch the video below. Thank you for your support.  

About the Logo


  I used a pretty, decorative font to illustrate the word "Beauty". The woman's silhouette is the iconic mudflap girl, the stereotypical image of the sexualized and objectified woman that society tells us is synonymous with beauty. The word "INSIDE" in bold print is stamped over that image, showing what my book, website, and social media pages are about - rejecting society's narrow definition of women because we're so much more than that.