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I'm collecting women's stories and insights, and I'd like to know what you think! Feel free to answer as many or as few of these questions as you wish -- just share what resonates with you. Your submission may appear in one of my upcoming projects!
    1.   How do you feel about your body/appearance? 2.   Who/what do you think influenced those feelings (e.g., family, friends, media messages, etc.)?  In what ways? 3.   How has this impacted your life? 4.   Do you avoid certain activities or situations because of your body? If so, what? 5.   Besides losing weight or otherwise trying to improve your looks, what are your life's goals? 6.   Have your feelings about your looks held you back?  If so, how? 7.   What challenges your ability to be comfortable in your own skin, and what could you do to take your power back? 8.   What makes you feel beautiful? 9.   What makes you feel confident and powerful? 10.  What makes you feel peaceful and joyful?
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