The following is a sampling of some of the comments I've received from readers on this site and on my social media pages. I am grateful that so many have found inspiration in my work, and I'm humbled by the courage and vulnerability of those who have shared their personal stories:

“Thank you so much for your posts. It uplifts my soul to see some encouragements to love myself. Every time I talk to my father, he would always remark on how fat I am or how my hair should be cut and it always successfully brings me down. So thank you, really, for lifting me up when I'm almost breaking down. I needed that dearly. To hear that nothing is wrong with me. Thank you. More power to your page and may you reach other people's hearts as you have reached mine.”
"Beauty is Inside, thank you for always making me feel loved and accepted. no matter what 'mistakes' I have made. I am stronger than I remember sometimes, thank you for being that reminder."


“I love your page and look forward to your posts every day. You've opened my eyes to many things. Just know that you have many fans who love and appreciate what you do!”
“I absolutely love your page. It is an inspiration, it is thought provoking and in a lot of ways it is very healing. I, like many, have been through a lot and nearly every day (sometimes multiple times a day) you post something that helps me feel less isolated and confused about what is happening in the world around me. I feel empowered and am reminded that I am capable of making the changes necessary to stop being a hostage. I need you to know that what you are doing matters greatly. Thank you.”
“I love your page and it's thanks to posts from websites like yours that I was able to get on the path of recovery and be able to see myself as a person and not a number.”


“I just happened upon your page when one of your posts was shared and showed up on my timeline. I couldn't hit ‘like’ fast enough. As the mother of a 14 year old daughter and a 29 year old daughter who just had her own daughter, I just had to tell you I LOVE YOUR PAGE and plan on sharing things from it with both of them every day. (I also have a son who I would proudly consider a feminist, who will get a few as well). I love the ideas you are reinforcing and can't wait to share your posts as a way of jump-starting some important conversations. … Thank you for running this page and helping me be a better mom to these kids I love so much.”


“I love this page, I love that you fight for us and encourage us all to be confident … you can't be perfect for this world, so just be perfect for yourself.”  

“I love your posts. I find they have awakened a new thought pattern in me and I am grateful that you have committed yourself to sharing them with the Internet world!”



“I just wanted to tell you how awesome, witty, intelligent and motivating you are, my friend. You have a sharp eye that accurately calls out the BS in the world and the heart to highlight what is right and beautiful. You are doing an amazing job and help to keep me more aware of the pathetic underlying messages and ridiculous themes in mainstream crap...all the while sharing things that truly matter and inspire ... Love you lots, Nancy!!!!!! Keep up the powerful, amazing work, Girl!!! Xo”


“Thank you so much for this page. I am a just turned adult female who has struggled with her confidence and self image for most of her double-digit life. These posts have really helped my struggle with self confidence in the last month or so that I've liked it, more than anything else in such a short space of time. I can't thank you enough. … Thank you thank you thank you. … I enjoy reading everything you post on this page and hope you know that it continues to support me in my quest for self acceptance. What you do is very important in a world full of cynicism and trolls shouting people down. … I love this page and how it always does wonderful and relevant stuff. Hope you are well and keep up the good work! … I've been noticing so much Facebook misogyny sadly. It's so good to know that someone else knows it's around and recognizes it's wrong as my peers don't seem to see it as much as I do.”


"I really love this page! It's helped me through a lot <3 I admire you Nancy for doing so much off your own back. Please know what you do helps a lot of people. <3 Carry on being a fierce feminist! xxx ... Honestly your posts have helped me so much you really need to know! Please carry on, you are doing such a good job! Through all the trolls and MRA's, you are getting through to people, I admire you so much! Xxxx"


“Love to you, Nancy. Thank you for creating this wonderful page and sticking with it! You are amazing.”



“I'm really anxious to get my hands on your book. … Thank you for the being voice of women, we can become stronger through your work. … You are a true inspiration, ever since I read the excerpt from your book something has changed inside of me. ... I went through a lot in my teens. I witnessed my mom being emotionally and physically abused by my father. I was sexually abused by my father ... Fortunately, eventually I found the courage to speak out and we left him. At 18 I fell pregnant due to a condom breaking. I couldn't keep the baby, my mother was very sickly at that time and I knew it would kill her. So I went ahead and had an abortion without ever telling my mom that I was pregnant. I carried around so much guilt and shame because of the abuse and abortion. In relationships I've always felt used after sex, I never enjoyed it because I felt I owed a man sex in return for him loving me. It's still a healing process, but with your updates and the excerpt I read I feel I'm getting closer to feeling whole and healed. Thank you for changing my insides. I'm becoming a real feminist. … You're truly amazing and you have a heart of gold. You're the epitome of inner beauty. I'm so inspired by you. … Wow, Nancy you've just opened my eyes.”



“This page is amazing, inspires, and helps a lot with self esteem.”



“Thanks for sharing your personal post. I am still working on voicing my opinions and boundaries, etc. … Anyway, reading your post made me feel validated ... trying to listen to what is best for me and what I want. Thank you!”


“Every post of yours increases my confidence and makes me proud of being a feminist! Thank you.”



“It's absolutely awe-inspiring that you have people from around the world relating to, communicating and sharing with your words and Beauty Is Inside!”



“I love this page for helping me love myself and challenging other stuff I believe. And I noticed one of my other formerly conservative friends liked this page after I posted a billion images from it. … I wanted you to know you're a constant help for people like me.”


“Please keep up the great work! Your words are needed and appreciated! Thank you.”


 “I want to thank you for your page! I have been a ‘fan’ for some time and, if I haven't written you before, I should have! … Thanking your for your inspirational voice. … I guess I just want to let you know how much I appreciate what you do. Of all the pages I follow, yours provides the most incredible, thought-provoking, and inspiring content. On a personal note, I particularly appreciate your voice and perspective. … Please keep up the good work and remember that for every vile person posting to your page, there are infinitely more silently gaining strength from you. … Please keep doing what you're doing. Your voice gives me strength and motivates me to keep going.”


“Best page on Facebook. … This page has made a difference in my life.”



“You are not alone in those thoughts. I hail from a country called South Sudan, where the word feminism isn't on the vocabulary yet but that hasn't stopped my brain from nagging me with similar questions. I have found inspiration from your page. Thanks to you.”



“Your posts are an inspiration!!!”



“[My boyfriend] took a video when I was in my PJs, hadn't showered, had no makeup on and felt fat. … The video caught me being who I am 100%, dorky laugh, tears, shyness and all. In the video, I told him he had better not show anyone. … But then I thought about you, and your FB page and all of the amazing messages you send about loving yourself, loving who you are on the inside and not having your looks define you. Without even seeing it, I said ‘go ahead.’ When I first saw it, all I could see was my double chin, my bad dirty hair, the bags under my eyes, etc. Then I watched it again and saw me ... the real me, with the nice smile, a silly laugh, my tears that came from the heart, and my carefree personality. That is who I really am, not the bullshit on the outside. I had several people PM me and say how much they loved the video and my ‘beautiful spirit.’ Not only did I let him post it, I made sure he tagged me, and I shared it so my friends could see. A year ago, I would NEVER have done that. Your page and your awesomeness have helped me become a stronger person. You affect so many people in a wonderful way. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Dammit, now I am crying! You rock.”


“Love your quotes/pictures! They are inspiring!”



“Your work is invaluable to our gender and I for one have felt bolstered by your insight. Thanks for what you do for us. Keep up the great work! I have to get your book!


“It's not just one instance of dealing with sexual assault. Some of us... we fight it our entire lives. Thank you for posting about Project Unbreakable.... I needed to see that. The words of my assailants echo in my mind and the flashbacks and memories are a nightmare. … It's refreshing to see people stepping out and saying... This... is not OK. This is not acceptable. This is bullshit. It's relieving.”


 “You and the things you post on the page always have a very articulate way of putting things. I would totally want to be your friend in real life. … Keep up the good work.”



“Officially my new favorite page!”



“Thank you for this page, Nancy. It means a lot. I look forward to reading your book. You've even inspired me to start writing about feminist issues again. Best wishes, and keep up the good work. … The more voices in the chorus, the better.”



“I just want to say that I think you do a phenomenal job with this page. … I am particular about which pages I like on Facebook, and 'Beauty Is Inside' is one of my favorites. Thank you for creating a space where people can feel safe challenging and discussing ideas, and sharing our experiences.”


“I've been in a funk after a bad, drawn out breakup and after seeing a bunch of the pictures and posts, although I may not agree with them all, made me feel invincible. Thank you for giving me the boost to begin feeling good about myself again!”



“Props for being the best feminism page I've found.”



“I really love your page because it keeps me sane and reminds me of what my ideals have always been. I recently became an army wife. … Since I've arrived at our first duty station, I feel so lost and out of place. There's so many reasons, but mainly it's the old school mentality of women being property and should be seen, not heard. That kind of thing. The MWR (Morale, Welfare, and Recreation) puts on activities for families and the newest one is called ‘Rockin' the Role’, which is intended for spouses. It includes seminars on cosmetic surgery (for the spouses, not soldiers who have been injured), how to host perfect tea parties, makeup 101... etc. It's such a disgrace to see. … I feel as if the ‘role’ they want me to be rockin' is Stepford Wife. … I just feel if more women (and men, of course) saw the things coming from this page, we'd all be in a better place. Thank you for maintaining this page. It does so much for me. … I've found it hard to find like-minded people and just knowing that they're around, somewhere, makes it feel less hopeless!”


“I had the glorious opportunity to explore your websites. I slept well last night knowing that we share the same planet. What a delight! Keep the fighting spirit! (((Hugs)))”


“Your work is TOO important … Stay strong, you have no idea how far your ideas travel. BE WELL N GIVE EM HELL!”



“My mom always raised my sister and me to be strong feminists, which I love. I am proud to be a strong woman, but I really don't think the reality of how much I let advertising affect how I feel about myself hit me until I started reading your page. I was aware of it, but not how much it really made me feel bad about myself. Even though I don't always comment, I read all of your posts and am always amazed and inspired by you.”



“Just discovered you ... and now I love you. Thank you for wonderful messages for all girls -- and women.”


 “I appreciate you! Keep up the good work. Yours is my favorite Facebook page. … I think your page goes a long LONG way in the cause of women's self worth NOT being based on their appearance. I truly appreciate it! Keep up the good work!”


“May you continue the good work of making the world a better place for women of all ages.”


“Thank you Nancy for articulating what so many of us are thinking/feeling - whether we like to admit it or not! The sooner women pull together and acknowledge the issues you frequently address, the sooner us girls can take over the world! Lol … seriously though thank you - keep up the good work.”


“Thank you so much for your page!! Your message is SO IMPORTANT!!!!”



“You have inspired me to start a blog exploring my own body image issues.”


“I think your page is incredible! I’m always nodding my head in agreement when I read your posts! Thank you for the encouragement and inspiration! … I’m looking forward to more posts.”


“Thank you for what you do - you are an inspiration! You are a movement - a revolution - a message that gives people the freedom to accept and love themselves.”



“I think you do a great job, and I look forward to everything you post each day. I appreciate what you do so much because I feel like every time I turn around, I'm hearing stories or seeing stuff on the news (or just in day-to-day life) that reminds me that this fight is far from over. You make me feel less alone, less ‘crazy’ for thinking this way, and happy to include myself with other like-minded people. … I think you're wonderful.” 



“A great balance of insightful, humorous and fiery comments!”



“You are fantastic. I'm glad you are here to keep this page running. Thank you for the lessons I am being taught and the self-improvements they have inspired.”



“I am glad I stumbled upon your page today. Very inspiring! Very enlightening! I love it! Thank you.”


“This is one of the best pages around. I really enjoy reading it, unlike a lot of women-oriented pages. Thanks for what you do and for bringing people together!”



“I am so proud of my granddaughter for liking this page and introducing me to it.”


“I know we've had our differences, but I still learn so much from your page, and I really appreciate it. Having been raised in patriarchy, as a man, in a Right Wing state, many of the things on your page were like culture shocks to me. Shocks I wasn't prepared to handle and sometimes I feel like you are the oppressive one, even though I know you aren't. Another thing, you almost always respond to my comments, which shows a lot about your character and I highly respect you for it.”


“I am so in love with your page.”



“As a photographer I will be taking photographs of a lot of people. I think for you have inspired me that I am going to start gathering and shooting for a photo book with personal stories of real women who are beautiful both inside and out no matter what their size. I think this is important to show and be seen. Thank you for being inspiring!”


“I wish this page had been available when I was a very ugly child and teen and teased in school for being fat, having braces and being smart. Lots of time wasted on looking a certain way to make others love you. When they never loved you to begin with and never loved you even after you became their version of ‘pretty’!"


“Thank YOU for such an Awesome and Inspiring FB page!”


“Thought of this page the other day when I realized that without cable no one has told me that my underarms aren't beautiful enough to be seen in a bathing suit.”



“I struggle with some of same things, buying into beauty ideals & fashion mags, etc. I'm turning 54, so there's a lot of brainwashing to get rid of, but thankfully your FB page helps remind me of what's important. Somedays I don't like myself and wish I were prettier or younger, and that I could still turn heads... and then other days I'm like: ‘ah f*** all that, I'm awesome the way I am!’ Stay awesome!”



“I found your page via a friend of mine … and love what you are doing and promoting in regards to positive body image especially in regards to women!!”


“I wish there had been something like this when I was a girl, perhaps I would not have had cosmetic surgery before I'd even menstruated. … Amazing that once you're an adult you learn that everyone felt that way, everyone was a victim of ‘beauty’ and patriarchy. It feels so isolating in those formidable teen years.”


“You're a positive role*model & activist!”



“Thank you for such a thought-provoking page.”


 “I for one find your posts incredibly enlightening. I have reposted them on more than one occasion. It is one of the reasons I ever log on Facebook. You are making a difference.”