Who’s Hotter?


I recently posted an article about the image below, which is currently circulating around the Internet. As I mentioned in the previous post, this faux-empowerment message just ends up pitting thin girls against curvy girls, feeding the comparisons and competitions, and separating us all. As a result, we fight against each other instead of fighting against the beauty pressures that make us feel insecure in the first place. Here’s the original image:



What’s the next logical step?



and then what about this?



Haven’t we all had enough? Isn’t it about time that we move past the pettiness and start working together?


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  • Christa Frazee

    Nancy, thank you for putting all of this into an accurate perspective. I’ll admit, being a big woman myself, that when these comparison photos started to circulate, I was like, “Cool! Yay for curves!!!” But it has gotten out of hand and people are being hurt. It is so hard to feel good about being extra “voluptuous” in a world that expects perfection…but it isn’t right to cut down another person for the sake of a momentary confidence boost…

    • Nancy

      You’re exactly right.

      I used to feel the same way when I’d see comparisons like the original one, but writing my book changed my perspective. I now see that the constant comparisons lead to a divide-and-conquer kind of attitude.