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This is a Hallmark birthday card for a young girl:



TEXT: "You're 13 today! If you had a rich boyfriend, he'd give you diamonds and rubies. Well, maybe next year you will - when you've bigger boobies!"


A woman in the UK posted a picture of it on Twitter. Over the next 6 hours, it was "re-tweeted, blogged about and posted across the Internet ... [until] Hallmark UK apologized for and pledged to stop selling the sexist card." The social pressure on Hallmark and their reaction is a great example of how speaking out about sexism matters!

Courses for Women

Feminist Fairy Godmother

Thanksgiving, Part 2

Ok, I have a story to share about this one. Every year, I make two different stuffings for Thanksgiving dinner: the traditional bread stuffing & an oatmeal stuffing -- an old recipe handed down from my Jewish grandma, which she got from her Scottish housekeeper over 50 years ago. I make it every year, & every year my dad bitches that I didn't do it right. Honestly, my grandma hasn't made it in so long that I doubt he remembers what it's supposed to taste like. Regardless, it stresses me out every year - especially since I've often spent hours making both stuffings, the turkey, & a few other dishes. Anyway, to those of you who have similarly "pleasant" family members ... let's raise a glass in solidarity, because you're not alone! :/

It’s Hard to Be a Woman

Party Dress



Feminist Cinderella

I also love sparkly things, jewelry, shopping, makeup, pink, & maxi-dresses!!! Actually, I just love wearing maxi-dresses because I don't have to shave ... I guess that makes me even more of a feminist then. ;P

Think Too Much


Save the World

No Nursing in Public

You Tell the Woman!


Here's an excerpt from an awesome little cartoon that shows what it's like to be a woman who dares to participate in the World Wide Web and the wide world beyond. Enjoy (or maybe just get pissed).


Check out the rest here.


The Ass Is Always Leaner …


Drive-Through Diet

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