Are You a Sell-Out Sister?


It’s hard to be a woman. So much is expected of us: we need to be the perfect wives/girlfriends, selfless moms/friends/daughters, successful businesswomen -- all while being beautiful and thin. We’d like to think that since other women face similar challenges, that they would support us in ours. We’d like to think that we’d do the same for them. But sadly, this is often not the case. We tend to compete more than collaborate. We pick each other apart with the same critical eyes through which we see ourselves. Deep inside, we think that by knocking her down a few pegs, we might not feel so deficient in comparison. But it never works. In subtle ways, Sell-Out Sisters sabotage the collective power of us all. It’s not just the mean girls who’ll throw a fellow sister under the bus.

  30 Signs of a Sell-Out Sister:
  1. comparing and competing
  2. judging or insulting ourselves and other women
  3. accepting the media’s superficial definition of femininity
  4. minimizing our opinions
  5. judging another woman’s choice to work or stay at home with kids
  6. making snide comments about another woman’s looks
  7. supporting companies who demean women in their advertising
  8. agreeing with the media that any amount of fat is unacceptable
  9. buying into the $55 billion-dollar-a-year diet industry
  10. agreeing that physical imperfection is ugly
  11. making fat jokes or laughing at them
  12. gossiping about a woman sleeping around
  13. going to movies that treat women as primarily sex objects
  14. accepting sexism and misogyny without questioning
  15. calling other women sluts, cunts, bitches, or whores
  16. not speaking up when we’re offended or we disagree
  17. sabotaging another woman's career advancement
  18. devaluing our internal qualities
  19. interfering with other women's reproductive freedom
  20. trying to silence other women
  21. embracing the porn star/stripper conception of femininity
  22. flashing our breasts
  23. watching shows in which women compete based on looks
  24. being publicly sexual with other women merely for male attention
  25. treating ourselves as objects for men’s arousal
  26. believing that being sexy is the most important quality in women
  27. idolizing celebrities and models as beauty ideals
  28. idolizing celebrities and models as actual role models
  29. seeing beauty ideals as obtainable if only we tried hard enough
  30. buying tabloids that gossip about which celebrities have packed on the pounds


NOTE: NSFW image below

I had just finished writing this post when I received an email forward from someone close to me. It was a perfect example of a Sell-Out Sister. The woman who sent me this has been morbidly obese for much of her life. Since she was a child, she's been ridiculed and treated poorly due to her weight, and this treatment continued into adulthood. This makes her selling out particularly sad.


Here's the email:

Subject: FW: Garlic Warning!!!!! Must Read This is terrible !!!!!!!!
OMG...this is really terrible. And I have been touting the benefits of garlic for years!!! I hope this doesn't happen to anyone I recommended it to.

For years, doctors and scientists have told us that some foods are good for us, only to be told later that they bad for us, and again they tell us that some foods are bad for us, and all the time they've been good for us... and there doesn't seem to be much proof either way to suggest what is good or bad... until now, that is.


Garlic is definitely BAD for us if it's true that "You Are What You Eat!"

...scroll down...


You have been Garlic'd. Now you're it!! One rule to this game ... You CANNOT get someone who has already gotten you! So get as many people as you can! (before they get you) I got you first ... You can't get me back!

  Just imagine what women could do if we worked together instead of against each other.
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  • Pauline Dussault

    I am proud to say I am DEFINITELY not a sell-out….if, however, I didn’t watch movies that demeaned women in any way……I would be left with barely a handful of movies…so that one is a little more difficult. I also find, the older a woman gets, the less likely she is to be in competition with other women, and sees them more as allies and not the enemy. When I was younger, I tended to have more male friends as they were less catty and not terrified that I would take their boyfriends away…lol Women say “chicks before dicks” but they tend to still toss a girlfriend under the bus for a man….I’ve yet to see men break the code of “bros before hoes”……

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