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Pop cultural messages are always telling us that we’re never good enough. Here’s one small way that we can all fight back. Introducing the Purple Paper Project! All you need is some purple paper and a pen (and some tape, unless you’re using Post-its).   You can prepare your purple papers ahead of time or just write a quick little note on the spot. Stick your purple papers on mirrors, magazine covers, public advertisements — anywhere you feel is appropriate. Store employees will eventually take them down, but not before some people have seen them. Below, I’ve listed several ideas of what to write and where to leave your notes. Feel free to use these ideas or come up with your own. Be creative!   These notes are little reminders that we’re all in this together. We’re good enough just as we are, and we should question beauty standards that tell us otherwise.     3 Simple Rules:  
  1. Include www.BeautyIsInside.com/purple on your purple papers, so people know what this project’s about.
  2. Send photos of your projects to letmeknow@beautyisinside.com, so I can post them here.
  3. Please don’t glue your purple papers, and don’t damage any surfaces. This should be a positive project for all.
        Places to stick your notes:  
  • Dressing room mirrors
  • Stall doors in public restrooms (restaurants, bars, stores, etc.)
  • Mirrors in public restrooms
  • Store windows
  • On mannequins
  • Magazine covers at the grocery/drug/book store
  • Drugstore makeup/diet pill aisle
  • Barbie section at toy store
  • Movie posters
  • Advertisements at bus stops, subways, etc.
  • Your own bathroom/full-length mirror
  Ideas of what to write:   -- For posting on mirrors, stall walls, etc. --
  • You’re more than how you look.
  • If it doesn’t fit – blame the clothes, not you.
  • Beauty is inside.
  • You’re great just as you are.
  • Love your body, just as it is.
  • Curves or not, you’re totally hot!
  -- For posting on magazine covers, ads, posters, etc. --
  • Question beauty standards.
  • They’re selling insecurity – don’t buy it.
  • Most women don’t look like this.
  • The diet industry makes $60 billion/year by telling us we’re fat.
  • Women are more than bodies.
    Bonus Purple Paper Project:  
  • Send letters to CEOs of companies, filmmakers, TV producers, magazine editors, etc. who portray women in sexist and objectifying ways. Explain what you find offensive about their tactics, tell them you plan to share your letter with your social networks, and threaten to boycott their products. Hit them where it hurts -- their wallets!
  • Include www.BeautyIsInside.com/purple on your letters and make sure to forward a copy here: letmeknow@beautyisinside.com so I can post it on this site and the Beauty Is Inside social media pages.
  • Don't forget to send thank you letters to the responsible and fair ones!
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