Book – Who Put the “Us” in Uterus?


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Do women have the right to make decisions about their own bodies? In Who Put the "Us" in Uterus?, author Nancy Lynne Kanter examines this question and the cultural sense of entitlement over women's bodies that underlies the reproductive health debate.


Kanter discusses the ambivalent and punitive attitudes toward female sexuality, the competing expectations to be sexy yet innocent, and how associating sexual behavior with moral character shames women for getting pregnant, but not men for their contribution.


Kanter questions the meaning of “pro-life” when it coincides with opposition to health and social programs that assist children who are already born and opposition to abortion even when pregnancy threatens a woman's life. She argues that funding abstinence-only sex education, defunding family planning clinics, and limiting contraceptive options will inevitably lead to more unwanted pregnancies.


Who Put the “Us” in Uterus? cuts through the abortion rhetoric to the truth about how our culture really feels about equality between the sexes.


Through searing commentary and satirical illustrations, Kanter asserts that when legislators interfere in women’s personal healthcare decisions, violate their privacy, and pass legislation that impacts their rights to their bodies and lives, then there is no equality because women are not as free as men.